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 Selecting An Interior Plant

Select only those foliage plants which appear to be insect and disease free. Check the undersides of the foliage and the axis of leaves for signs of insects or disease. Select plants that look sturdy, clean, well potted, shapely, and well-covered with leaves.

Choose plants with healthy foliage. Avoid plants which have yellow or chlorotic leaves, brown leaf margins, wilted or water soaked foliage, spots or blotches and spindly growth. In addition, avoid leaves with mechanical damage, and those which have been treated with "leaf shines" which add an unnatural polish to the leaves. Plants which have new flowers and leaf buds along with young growth are usually of superior quality.

Remember that it is easier to purchase a plant which requires the same environmental conditions your residence has to offer than to alter the environment of your home or office to suit the plants.

Transporting House Plants
When transporting plants, remember the two seasons of the year that can cause damage to the plants, the hot summer and the cold winter months. In the summer, avoid placing plants in a car and leaving the car shut up, because temperature will rise and destroy the plant in a short period of time. If you have to travel for any distance at all, the plant can be burned by the sun shining on it even though the air conditioner is on and the temperature is comfortable in the car. Shade the plant from direct sun while it is in the car.

During winter months, wrap plants thoroughly before leaving the store to carry them to your car. A short run from the store to the car in very low temperatures can kill or severely damage plants. Wrap plants thoroughly with newspaper or paper bags, and place in the front of the car and turn on the heater. The trunk of most cars is too cold to carry plants safely during winter months.

On an extended trip make special arrangements so that plants will not be frozen or damaged by cold weather. Many foliage plants will be damaged considerably if the temperature drops much below 50o F., so maintain as warm a temperature as possible around these plants when transporting them from one location to another.

Fulton Florists &  Gift Baskets
1368 Fulton street Brooklyn NY 11216
Call (718)306-9025 for same day delivery 

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Houseplants For Earth Day: Reminders To Use The 3 R's!

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Earth Day is a special holiday which we celebrate our wonderful Mother Earth. Everything we are, we owe to the earth and it's resources. The wood that's in our houses, the metal in our cars, the glass in our windows, even the plastic in our water bottles are made from resources we've mastered here on earth. This is why Earth Day is such an important celebration; to remind us to be thankful of what we have and to practice the 3 R's (reduce, reuse, recycle!) to ensure our resources for future generations.


A great way to celebrate Earth Day is to bring the wonderful creations of earth indoors. A houseplant is a great way to remind yourself to practice the 3 R's daily around the house! Getting into a habit of earth friendliness is always a good thing. In addition to their eco-goodness, houseplants are a beautiful addition to any indoor space. By the use of color and texture you can instantly change the look and mood of a room!

How To Select The Perfect Houseplant

When selecting your houseplant, consider the conditions of the room or area they will be growing. What type of lighting does it have? How is the humidity? All are factors needed for your plant to be comfortable and thrive. You should also consider how much care and time you have available to give to your houseplant. Some plants are happy as they are and require very little supervision, but some require much more care. When buying a houseplant from a quality source, such as   US  florist, explain to them what you can offer your houseplant and they will suggest the perfect new plant just for you!

Here Are 3 Main Types Of Houseplants
Green Houseplants
| Tropical Houseplants | Flowering Houseplants

June is National Rose Month – How Will You Celebrate?

Fulton Funeral Florists &  Gift Baskets, 1368 Fulton street Brooklyn NY 11216, (718)306-9025 or  Also visit our neighbor Brooklyn Botanical Garden 1000 Washington Ave, Brooklyn NY 11225, (718)623-7200,

We as Florists, are excited about National Rose Month! If it's been a while since you've sent or received flowers, this June is the perfect time!

Sending  Flowers For National Rose Month
On your birthday, anniversary, and sometimes on Mother's Day — this just isn't enough!! There's no denying, when we receive flowers, our day does a 180°! You could be having the worst morning imaginable, but get flowers and BAM — it's a good day!
Why not cut out the middle man and send YOURSELF flowers!? There is nothing that says your honey has to be the one to send you roses. This June, send yourself a big bouquet of beautiful roses in YOUR favorite color!
Send Roses To Your BFF!
Your friends need love too! Send your BFF some love, send roses! Say Congratulations, Thank You or send flowers Just Because — it will make your friend's week to receive flowers! 
Yellow Roses – are the sign of friendship! Make it a tradition to send flowers to your friends every once in a while. Start this June, with ROSES!
Roses Around The House
If you're more of a home-body, order flowers for your home! Decorate the dining room table, or the fireplace mantle with beautiful, fresh roses from your local florist! Either have them delivered to yourself (make it special!) or pick them up yourself, but you can never go wrong with flowers! Flowers make everyone happier, and add color and cheer to any room.
Just remember — Flowers enhance moods and lift spirits! If you're down in the dumps, OR just need a quick boost, flowers are the way to go!